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Commercial Building Washing Christchurch

Should you scrub the surfaces of your commercial property? Soft washing is gentle and only removes the light dirt and dust on the building. Commercial pressure washing is aggressive and makes the building look better by eliminating mold, bacteria, and chemicals on all surfaces. High-pressure water is best for rough surfaces on the exterior that may be impossible to clean by a scrub.

The cleaning needs of a new business will change over time as you building ages and your staff use the premises daily. You will notice that the level of cleanliness will reduce no matter the regular cleaning by dedicated cleaning staff. Here are tell-tale signs you need commercial building washing in Christchurch.

Signs you need commercial pressure washing

More pests

It is time to call CHCH Window Cleaning if you notice an uptick of flies, mice, and other bugs and rodents. These animals draw towards food and scents and will crowd your room when the cleaning agents do not rid the surfaces of all dirt. An ant or two is enough to call our services because they will bring a whole colony to infest your home.

Wasted time

Small businesses may schedule cleaning programs for the employees. Some employees may step up to remove the stubborn dirt, hence waste the precious time they would use to progress the business. Decreased productivity should be an immediate wake-up call that you need a pristine and serene workspace.


A uniform layer of dirt on your walls will exhibit a uniformly different color. It is time to call a commercial cleaning service when the wall behind your wall pictures have sharp contrast to other sections. Dirt on the wall is indicative of similar dirt on windows. You can also test the dirt on windows by observing the difference between the exposed and non-exposed surfaces.


You can recognize the bad smell on windows if you can sniff the dust by standing nearby. Some smells are so benign because of all the dirt hitting the windowpanes on the external surface. A commercial pressure washing service will quickly transform the room’s atmosphere for a more relaxed and clean space.

All businesses should prioritize their impression on bypassers and visitors. Property owners should never attempt to DIY cleaning a building because different areas require different cleaning methods. Power washing is excellent for walls but dangerous for windows. The chemicals used on windows may also be too mild for concrete surfaces.

Dangers of improper window washing

  • High pressure of a 2000 PSI or more is too high and will damage the glass easily

  • The wrong spray pattern will weaken the window and probably leave spots of dirt throughout the pane

  • A head-on spray places too much pressure on the glass, hence the professional may tilt the hose at a 45-degree angle for better cleaning.

We provide top-notch professionals who do not cut corners in maintaining your business premises. We are happy to take your call for consultancy so you can explore all the methods that keep your facility clean all year round. Fill in a short online form with your details if you want instant estimates for your cleaning job. 

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