House Washing

Whether you are planning to sell your house or it's simply  time for the exterior to be cleaned, doing it once a year can extend the lifespan of your property and also bring up its value. If your house is getting dirty and grimy, this is the time to take action. Letting your house exterior walls get mouldy makes them harder to clean. In this case it is important for the mould to be cleaned the proper way. Using high pressure water blasting on your walls will damage them and is not the right way to clean them. The best way is to use cleaning solution which will gently eliminate the mould and prevent it from coming back for much longer periods of time. In the photos on the right you can see the power of the so called "soft washing" method which transforms really neglected weatherboard into a brand new looking house. Yes this is not done using high pressure water blasting, instead we use a gentle garden hose pressure to rinse off. If you don't believe it, call us and we will come give you a quick demo :)

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