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How to effortlessly clean windows like a pro!

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Pioneering window cleaning methods began with ‘the traditional method,’ a technique crafted by hand, using a mop and squeegee. This method requires the craftsman or woman to climb a ladder to reach the upper windows. We predominantly use this method inside residential buildings and outside around the first story. Though this is great for working with residential buildings, we prefer to use the pure water technology method accompanied by a water-fed brush and pole for commercial buildings. 

The reason pure water technology was adapted for use in window cleaning was that noticeable fragments were left behind on professionally cleaned windows once the water evaporated. These fragments can lead to a build-up of minerals on your windows, bonding to the glass and causing hard water stains. 

Now us window cleaning folk aren’t the type to just shrug and settle for a dirty window. Dean Kamen, the man, best known for his invention of the segway, transformed the world of window cleaning by not settling for dirty water. Dean invented pure water technology to purify drinking water. His revolutionary invention has aided window cleaners to reach every crevasse, as tight as they may be. There isn’t a job too mighty for pure water technology, that’s for sure.   

Now, Pure water technology alone, only isn’t going to see us skyrocketing in the air to clean fourth-floor windows. The carbon fibre pole is the critical assistor in feeding through the water and allowing us to work with our feet safely planted on the ground. 

Pure water technology has many benefits such as-

  •  saves time and money through reduced labour requirements

  • it protects property by avoiding the use of ladders, lifts and scaffolding

  • Health and safety improvement for workers to lighter equipment

Now to delve a little deeper into the process of the pure water technology system. The water goes through a series of filters and special resin and comes out 100% pure and deionized with zero contaminants. 

The primary benefit of pure water technology is that no water spots are left behind after the water has evaporated naturally from the window. 

Yes, naturally. There is absolutely no need for squeegeeing with this method. Due to the water being pure, there is no chance you’ll see marks left on your windows. 

People are often surprised that we don’t use detergents as part of cleaning more hardened commercial buildings. This is because pure water technology is such an efficient system. The deionized water is simply all you need to dislodge dirt and any other mineral build-up. As water becomes purer, it becomes more aggressive. It serves as a natural detergent, loosening the ionic bonds of dust, resulting in sparkling clean windows.

An integral part of who we are is our commitment to the environment. We are committed to maintaining a low impact on the environment, to preserve our beautiful land for future generations. 

We are aware that certain chemicals, detergents and soaps can cause harm to the environment and your property. So we guarantee no chemical or mineral damage will be left on your premises while using pure water technology. 

We love hearing from our customers, and your feedback is much appreciated. If you have any questions about the pure water technology system, don’t hesitate to contact us. Give us a call today on 021 202 1086 to arrange a no obligations quote. We also offer a range of services from house washing, water blasting, concrete cleaning and gutter cleaning. 


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Edwin Reese
Edwin Reese
19 Απρ 2021

Great article on cleaning windows! We agree with your tactics at

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