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Pressure Washing Service Christchurch

Does your concrete dingy nowadays? It could benefit from deep pressurized cleaning that is more efficient than scrubbing sections or brick by brick of the wall. It is in your best interest to hire a professional pressure expert who will take up the task to save you time, money, and energy. We will help you dissect five reasons why we have the best pressure washing service in Christchurch.

Five reasons to choose our pressure washing company in Christchurch


It is not easy to nurture professional pressure washing by merely picking up a machine to learn the ropes easy and fast. These machines are powerful and intense and may be too technical for a newbie to calibrate the right washing conditions. The professional pressure washing service will handle and direct different amounts of force onto the right surfaces. Additionally, an expert knows how to minimize slip-ups and will quickly and effectively control a possible situation.

Surface protection

One size does not fit all for all pressure washing projects. Most homeowners will assume that a pressure washing machine works like a water hose; hence it will use the same pressure to clean a vinyl surface, as they would concrete.

Pressure settings

We adjust the machine to the specifications of the surface to avoid stripping it of paint, coatings, and structural makeup. Do not scrimp on the importance of intentional settings, when you want your home to maintain the integrity of all features. More so, our power washing in Christchurch will not spill water onto plants and the curbside.


One of the most important contributions to the safety of your home is the detergents one uses for different areas. We use a specially formulated mix to remove specific contaminants while safeguarding the physical and chemical composition of the house. All our detergents offer the most significant results and will revert the worst cases of dirt to a pristine home.


The most common buildups are mold and mildew. Cold water does a great job at blowing away the growths, but will not put an end to the mold issue. We mix and change the temperature throughout the water to prevent damage and ensure the longevity of the cleaning service.

Accurate results

You will get a different score every time you do a guessed blend of water, temperature of detergents. The professional pressure washing expert knows which solutions protect the home and will accurately create the perfect blend each time. House washing and exterior cleaning should have a consistent goal for the following targets:

  • Restoration of the deck

  • Cleaning a concrete surface

  • Removing graffiti and abatement

Water conservation

The water blasting services in Christchurch will use your water supply. The standard machine uses four gallons every minute; hence one should very particular about the cleaning process. We have different water conservation techniques that reduce water usage.

Save time

The ease of hiring us is that you will save the time spent to prepare and clean the surface and machine. You will continue with your daily routine as we quickly clean your home a few times a year. Be sure to call us on +64 21 202 1086 for expert advice on pressure washing services in Christchurch and a quote that will give you an informed decision before hiring the service.

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